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Making Theatre and Live Events Human-Centric


What does Reset Better stand for?


We value the needs of the show more than

the needs of the people
working on them and this can lead

to people leaving the industry or
being ground down by it.


We want to leave the ‘show must go on’
mentality and focus more on taking care of

ourselves and others.


Exceptional art has been created by

making work accessible
to a wider range of people and valuing different perspectives.


We believe that diversity and inclusion

should be considered in every
part of the production process.


Together we are stronger!


We are a community who love our work

and what we do but that love is
often taken advantage of and under-valued.


We believe that everyone
should feel heard and be allowed

 to ask for a work
environment which will allow them to thrive.


Let’s structure our meetings
and processes so that everyone can have a say in how we work.


What People Are Saying About Reset Better

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